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How to sell LED Signs PowerPoint Available


At a sign show in Las Vegas this Feb. 2010, Bob Effrain of Finest LED Signs and Jason Melby of Daktronics taught a class on how to sell LED Message Center Signs.  After the items to be covered in the class were agreed upon by Bob and Jason, Jason put it in a Power point presentation.  Even though you aren’t getting the oral presentation, the power point alone contains lots of great information.  Finest LED signs make a full line of Tri Color and Full Color Signs for indoors, windows, and outdoors, in all sizes. Finest also has gas price changers in all sizes in both red and green.  Indoor and Window signs are not covered specially in this presentation since Dak does not make them.  Window signs outsell outdoor signs by 10 to 1, so don’t overlook this lucative market, it is an easy way to get started in the sales of LED message center signs.


The presentation covers material that you should be aware of, but don’t get caught up in technicalities.  As far as pitch goes (This topic is covered in the presentation), 20mm is the most popular since it can be viewed both reasonably close, and from hundreds of feet away.  20mm is the largest pitch Finest will build a full color sign in; if you go larger you lose clarity on pictures.  On tri color sign that are used mainly for text, you can use up to 30mm, allowing these signs to be viewed from a greater distance.


The best training is getting out and seeing customers.  Customers interested in standard size tri color signs are not going to ask you technical questions. They are going to say “WOW” when they see a demo sign or watch the video, and the questions will be about how big a sign they can fit in the window and price.  The customer who wants to purchase an outdoor full color display that cost $20,000+ is the one who is going to have the questions because he is getting quotes from several companies.


We are here to help you sell. Call us with your questions or for quotes.  Call from the customer’s shop if you need to get something answered immediately to make the sale.  We hope you enjoy and learn from the presentation.

Click here for Powerpoint presentation