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2' x 6.5' Full Color Sign



20mm size:  unique frameless cabinet, all dimensions are screen size.

·        Screen Size:  25.2” high x 75.6” wide x 8” deep,  

·        32 x 96 pixels, 20mm (this is the number that counts when comparing)

·        Front serviceable cabinet

·        Full Color RGB – 28.1 trillion colors

·        Refresh rate 720 Hz.

·        7000+ nits brightness

·        Viewing angle is 155W/65V

·        600 watts average, 1200 watts max, 115v. (220v on request)

·        Weight: 150 lbs. approx. (110 in aluminum)

·        WiFi up to 150’ included, optional hi gain antenna will extend range

·        Rated at IP65 weatherproofing

·        Operating temperature: -25C to +85C

·        Automatic Dimming

·        Spare parts included

·        LED Studio Editor Software included (offline control system, online is option)

·         Will display Text, Pictures, and Video (JPEG, WMV, AVI)


Price does not include:  installation, permitting, taxes, electrical, shipping 




Finest LED Signs not responsible for permitting, electrical, or installation.

Warranty: All Signs come with Spare Parts: 1 Power Supply, and 2 modules.

·         2 year parts warranty, replace the bad part with the spare provided, return the defective part to manufacturer for repair or replacement.  Shipping paid by manufacturer both ways.

Additional 3 year repair warranty included:

·         After the two years, return the defective part to the manufacturer and they will repair the part if possible at no cost.  Shipping paid by customer.

Warranty does not cover:  Any product damage caused by accident, misuse, improper voltage, lightning, fire, water or other acts of nature, unauthorized repairs or alterations, broken or marred cabinets or modules, vandalism, storms, electrical surge, faulty installation.



Finest LED Signs

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